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SailGP Saint-Tropez Day 2 – Live Blog

Brand new 29 metre wings are on board, and this will be the first time we see the teams sail with them. 

Australia still lead the way overall, but it is the United States who lead at this event in Saint-Tropez. 


Standings after day one in France

  1. USA – 20 points
  2. New Zealand – 17 points
  3. Spain – 16 points
  4. Japan – 16 points 
  5. Great Britain – 13 points
  6. Denmark – 13 points
  7. France – 12 points
  8. Australia – 11 points 
Race 4

All boats were over relative except Denmark and France at the start, new wings might need new watches. All had to try fall behind DEN. 

Burling (NZL) and Outteridge (JPN) first to recover. 

Denmark lead around the first bottom, followed by New Zealand, Japan, France, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Australia. 

Denmark break a jib sheet on the way upwind, but manage to hold the lead around the top mark JUST over Japan, New Zealand, Great Britain, France, Australia, Spain, USA. 

Round the bottom mark the second time, New Zealand lead followed by Japan, Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, France, United States, Australia – with a shortened course to finish at the top mark. 

Denmark really struggled with their tacks upwind due to the broken jib. 

Close finish with NZL on starboard, the Japanese just cross in front of the Kiwis to win on port, followed by Great Britain in third, France, Australia, Spain, USA, Denmark. 

Results after Race 4 (provisional)

  1. Japan – 24 points 
  2. New Zealand – 24 points
  3. USA – 22 points
  4. Great Britain – 19 points
  5. Spain – 19 points
Race 5

Penalty Ben Ainslie GBR who got very close on the start, Australia and USA NAILED their timing. 

There was in fact contact with both Denmark, and Spain from GBR. 

Around the first bottom it is Denmark, Spain, Australia, France, USA, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand (who are still not around the bottom). 

Top mark, Denmark lead by a long way, Australians move into second followed by France, Spain, Great Britain, USA, Japan, New Zealand. 

Bottom mark, Denmark, Spain, France, United States, Australia, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand. 

France report an issue with their jib. Potentially under-engineered with the new 29 metre wing. 

Finish… WINNERS, Denmark, then Spain, France, USA, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, New Zealand. 

Standby for official results… 

Looks like it will be Spain, Japan and the USA who go through to the final. 

Saint-Tropez final results after five fleet races

Final Race

Boundary penalty to Spain, damage remaining from GBR collision in pre-start of race five. 

Japan did a good job of trying to hold USA above the line, USA nail the start though on the foils. Spain “they’ve absolutely had one” as they get a late penalty against Japan at the start. 

Boundary penalty to Japan. 

USA continue to lead, around the bottom mark, rich getting richer, DON’T HIT ANYTHING!

Speed up and down, on and off the foils. 

Japan did a good job of gaining upwind, but the decision to go around the starboard mark by the USA could have been the winning move as they round on the foils… however, popping up on the foils Japan appear to have found some breeze on the left ha hand side. 

It’s neck and neck… 

Both fall off the foils and it is a slow rounding for the Japanese in front… followed by the USA, and the Spanish ON the foils! 

Spanish pull off the perfect JK back to the lefthand side… 

BUT Japan take the win at the France GP! 

SailGP Season 2 Championship Results post Saint-Tropez

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